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2008 Festival Video - NASA

NASA Program Overview

NASA: 50 Years and Beyond program overview narrated by Jim Deutsch, NASA program curator. 


Engineer Peter Homer, Winner of 2007 NASA Contest for a New Glove Design

Peter Homer is an engineer who designed a new glove for NASA. Homer won the 2007 NASA contest for aRead More


Bill Saturno, NASA Archaeologist

Bill Saturno is an archaeologist for NASA. He discusses what he does for NASA and how he studies images. 


Michele Perchonok, NASA Space Food Systems Laboratory

Michele Perchonok from the Johnson Space Center talks about food used in space. She works at the Space Food SystemsRead More


Robotics Demonstration with Issa Nesnas, JPL Engineer

Issa Nesnas is an engineer for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He discusses and demonstrates prototypes of land rovers.