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2009 Festival Video

Singing Tradition: Welsh Plygain Carol

We are looking forward to welcoming several Welsh artists as part of the upcoming One World Many Languages: Endangered LanguagesRead More


Joni L. Jones, Professor of Performance Studies, Writer, Storyteller

Joni L. Jones (Olorisa Omi Osun Olomo) of Austin, Texas, performs a narrative in honor of a storyteller who hadRead More


Highlights from the 2009 Festival Opening



Introduction to the Wales Smithsonian Cymru Program

Curator Betty Belanus discuss how the program was developed. 


Welsh Rocker Gai Toms

A couple of years ago, Welsh rocker, Gai Toms, built a drumkit from junkyard scraps. He uses it in concertRead More


Meredydd Evans, Welsh Historian and Folk Musician

In 1954, Evans recorded his landmark album Welsh Folk Songs. 


Ana Rees, Welsh Tea House Owner, Patagonia, Argentina

Visiting festival participant Ana from Patagonia gives you a better understanding of her craft. 


Linda and Lisa Griffiths, Traditional Welsh Love Song

Linda Griffiths and her daughter, Lisa Healy, sing a traditional Welsh folk song accompanied by Ceri Rhys Matthews on bagpipes.Read More


Iona Hughes, Welsh Language Teacher

Language teacher Iona Hughes of Cardiff talks about the recent resurgence of the Welsh language, as well as her festivalRead More


Welsh Music

Ceri Rhys Matthews performs with Ceri Ashton and members of Sild, Martin Leamon and Sille Ilves.