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2010 Festival Video - México

Mexico Program Introduction

Introduction and comments from the co-curator, Olivia Cadaval. 


Mexico Program Musicians

Olivia Cadaval, co-curator of the México program, introduces the music participants. 


Mexico Program Field Research

Olivia Cadaval, Smithsonian curator, speaks in depth about the field research conducted for the México program. 


Téenek Ceremony-Danza del Bixom ritual fliers

During the ceremony of Danza del Bixom Tíiw, members of the Téenek community of Tamaletón become ritual fliers to honorRead More


Weaving Traditions in the Vicente Sosa Family

Joel Vicente Contreras and his wife María Sosa Luís own a family-operated weaving workshop in Teotitlán del Valle. 


Mariachi Tradicional Los Tios

Mariachi Tradicional Los Tios from El Manguito perform in a distinctive regional style that has flourished for more than 150Read More


Mexico Foodways Interns and Volunteers

Interns and volunteers worked alongside Mexican cooks in the kitchen area of the Mexico program. 


Chinelos de Atlatlahuacan, Morelos Dance Troupe

Chinelos de Atlatlahuacan, from the state of Morelos in southern Mexico, perform at the festival. 


Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz, A Cappella Singers

Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz from the Comarca Lagunera region of Mexico perform their song “Hasta pronto mis queridos amigos” (FarewellRead More


Corn Husk Crafts

Amalia Salas, healer and artisan, imparts her wisdom on ritual cleansing and healthy living, and shares her intricate corn huskRead More