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2011 Festival Video - Colombia

2011 Festival Introduction

Introduction to the 2011 Smithsonian Folklife Festival and overview of Festival history.


Colombia Program Introduction

This video features Olivia Cadaval, the curator of the 2011 Folklife Festival program Colombia: The Nature of Culture. She hasRead More


Music Research in the Colombian Plains

In 2011, researchers for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival traveled to the Orinoco Plains of Colombia. Their van broke down, leadingRead More


Colombia Music Preview: Chirimía la Contundencia

Here is a preview of Chirimía la Contundencia, a music ensemble that plays chirimía, a traditional genre of Colombia’s northernRead More


Yipao Festival in Colombia

Our friend Carlos Alberto Beltrán R. won’t be coming to the Festival, but his tradition will. He sent us thisRead More


Video of Azoteas, Home Gardening in Colombia

Manuel Antonio Caicedo of Andagoya, Chocó, a town in the Pacific rainforest coast, talks about the home gardening plots on stiltsRead More


Wayuu Video, Traditional Drumming in La Guajira, Colombia

This video shows a Wayuu village elder in the La Guajira state of northern Colombia playing a traditional drum. WhileRead More


Cimarrón Performs “El Guate” (The Foreigner)

Colombia plains ensemble Cimarrón perform “El Guate” (The Foreigner). Cimarrón is known for its daring interplay of harp and bandola,Read More


Members of Cimarrón discuss Llanero (Plains) Music

Through exquisite musicianship and challenging arrangements, the Colombian group Cimarrón pushes the frontiers of traditional música llanera, the music ofRead More


Joropo Dance in Colombia

This footage of joropo dance was shot by the Colombia curatorial team when they were documenting the cowboy traditions of the OrinocoRead More