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2011 Festival Video

Members of Cimarrón discuss Llanero (Plains) Music

Through exquisite musicianship and challenging arrangements, the Colombian group Cimarrón pushes the frontiers of traditional música llanera, the music ofRead More


Joropo Dance in Colombia

This footage of joropo dance was shot by the Colombia curatorial team when they were documenting the cowboy traditions of the OrinocoRead More


Music from Mompox – Don Abundio y sus Traviesos

Don Abundio y sus Traviesos, a music and dance ensemble from Mompox, Colombia, played for the other Colombia program participantsRead More


Highlights from the Festival’s Opening Ceremony

Highlights from the opening ceremony for the 2011 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Video edited by Michael Headley.


Denise Brown, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Santa Lucia

Denise Brown, who is deaf, served as a volunteer coordinator in Santa Lucia. Her fellow volunteers learned sign language, andRead More


Earl Yates, Former Country Director for Peace Corps/South Africa

Earl Yates, former country director for Peace Corps/South Africa, discusses how he and his volunteers operated in this new Peace CorpsRead More


Chirimía La Contundencia, Music from Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Chirimía La Contundencia, one of Colombia’s most renowned chirimía groups, presents their form of the traditional Pacifico genre to anRead More


Peace Corps Volunteers on Perceptions of Americans

African American Peace Corps volunteer Richard Campbell and Japanese American volunteer Shunpei Igushi talk about how they have experienced perceptionsRead More


Francisco Mena Palacios, Colombian Filigree Jewelry Craftsman

Colombia program participant Francisco Mena Palacios is a filigree jewelry craftsman from Quibdó (in the country’s Pacific region). He learned hisRead More


Lucky Lloyd, R&B Guitar Player

Musician Lucky Lloyd was here for the first week of the Festival, playing lead guitar with Swamp Dogg. In this interview,Read More