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2013 Festival Blog - Foodways

Hungarian Recipe: Krumpli Gombóc / Potato Dumpling

On the closing day of the 2013 Folklife Festival, Ilona Bolvári and Éva Bagó of the Kalocsa region of HungaryRead More

July 8, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Puliszka / Ground Cornmeal Porridge

Porridge made of ground corn (or, more traditionally, corn flour) has been documented in writing from as early as theRead More

July 7, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Slambuc

Cauldrons were bubbling over open fire as usual yesterday afternoon at the Hungarian Heritage program’s Cauldron Cooking area, where theRead More

July 6, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Paprikás Kalács / Paprika Bread

It has probably been evident to anyone who has sat in on the cooking demonstrations at this year’s Folklife FestivalRead More

July 6, 2013   3 Comments

Töltött Káposzta / Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed cabbage rolls are truly iconic dish, representative of the Szék region of Romania. These are often prepared and servedRead More

July 4, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Halászlé / Hungarian Fisherman’s Stew

Halászlé (Hungarian fisherman’s stew) is a popular celebratory dish, often served during Lent or on Christmas Eve. The stew wasRead More

July 2, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Vanilla Wreaths with Apricot Jam

Almost every Hungarian grandmother seems to have a brittle, hand-written note safely stored between pages of her cookbook that holdsRead More

July 1, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Egresleves or Almaleves / Gooseberry or Granny Smith Apple Soup

Meat-based soups, with a sour flavor resulting from the addition of seasonal fruit—unripened gooseberries or apples—have been an important partRead More

June 30, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Tepertős Pogácsa/ Savory Biscuits with Pork Cracklings

These flaky, savory biscuits are a quintessential snack in Hungary, with each region or city claiming its own unique version,Read More

June 29, 2013   No Comments

Hungarian Recipe: Vinetta / Eggplant Spread

Vinetta is the Transylvanian name for a dish known in Hungary as padlizsán krém or salată de vinete in theRead More

June 28, 2013   2 Comments