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2013 Festival Video - Hungarian Heritage

Flowers of Kalocsa mini-doc

Watch this video about the ornamental painting and embroidery of Kalocsa, which are emblematic symbols of Hungarian folk art. Script:Read More


Hungarian Heritage Program Introduction

Hungarian Heritage curators Ágnes Fülemile and Jim Deutsch introduce the program.


Designing and Building Hungarian Heritage

The Hungarian Heritage program is a joint effort involving Hungarians from Hungary and Romania (Transylvania). Transylvanian architect Gyule Szilegyi discussesRead More


Folk Dances of Hungary: Hungarian choreographer Dezső Fitos and his virtuosic dance troupe

The folk dances of Hungary are important expressions of national identity. Hungarian choreographer Dezső Fitos assembled a troupe of theRead More


Eszter Bíró performing klezmer music

Renowned Hungarian vocalist Eszter Bíró performed Jewish klezmer music with her band. Klezmer music was one of the many diverseRead More


Hungarian Musical Traditions

The folk music of Hungary is one of the country’s most important expressions of national identity. However, Hungary’s music varies greatly byRead More


Hungarian Village Dance

For the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Hungarian choreographers Dezső Fitos and Enikő Kocsis created the “Hungarian Village” program, which presentedRead More


Hungarian Heritage Craftspeople

The 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival featured Hungarian Heritage: Roots To Revival as one of its three programs. The Festival drewRead More


Hungarian National Folk Ensemble

Szalonna and his Band, renowned members of the Hungarian National Folk Ensemble, teamed up with Roma fiddler István “Kiscsipás” VargaRead More


Performance by Hungarian Zither Maker Tibor Gats

Tibor Gáts is an award-winning maker of Hungarian folk instruments, specializing in the zither and the gardon. At the 2013Read More