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2013 Festival Video

Welsh poet and broadcaster Ifor ap Glyn

Ifor ap Glyn, Welsh poet and broadcaster, came to the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival to talk with audiences about theRead More

July 5, 2013   1 Comment

An-Sky Yiddish Heritage Ensemble

The An-Sky Yiddish Heritage Ensemble performed on the “Voices of the World Stage” at the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. EditedRead More

July 4, 2013   No Comments

2014 Festival Preview: Dimen Dong Folk Chorus

The choral musical tradition widespread in southwestern China’s Dong communities is an a cappella polyphony. Dong music is inspired byRead More

July 4, 2013   4 Comments

Will to Adorn presents Muslim fashion show

Designer Lubna Muhammad creates clothing fashions for Muslim women. She presented examples of her work at the Will to AdornRead More

July 4, 2013   No Comments

2013 Rinzler Memorial Concert: The Seldom Scene

Since 1971 The Seldom Scene, a progressive bluegrass band, has been delighting fans around the world with their unique blendRead More

July 3, 2013   1 Comment

Eszter Bíró performing klezmer music

Renowned Hungarian vocalist Eszter Bíró performed Jewish klezmer music with her band. Klezmer music was one of the many diverseRead More

July 3, 2013   No Comments

¡Kashnami Kawsanchik! [This is how we live!]

Prior to my first trip to Ecuador in 2010, I spent my teenage summers combing through stacks of CDs soldRead More

July 2, 2013   No Comments

Folk Dances of Hungary: Hungarian choreographer Dezső Fitos and his virtuosic dance troupe

The folk dances of Hungary are important expressions of national identity. Hungarian choreographer Dezső Fitos assembled a troupe of theRead More

June 30, 2013   4 Comments

Demonstration of Tuvan instruments and throat singing

The Republic of Tuva, in Russia’s southern Siberian steppes, presents a rich mosaic of unique vocal and instrumental music. MusiciansRead More

June 29, 2013   No Comments

Designing and Building Hungarian Heritage

The Hungarian Heritage program is a joint effort involving Hungarians from Hungary and Romania (Transylvania). Transylvanian architect Gyule Szilegyi discussesRead More

June 29, 2013   1 Comment