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2014 Festival Audio

Festival Audio: Ayub Ogada at The Watering Hole

Job Ouko Seda, a.k.a. Ayub Ogada, doing an impromptu performance on the nyatiti lute at The Watering Hole on July 3.


Festival Audio: Kenyan Percussion Collaboration

In a workshop about traditional percussion instruments of Kenya, performers representing the neighboring Luo and Luhya people compared their ohangla and isikuti drums, respectively.Read More


Festival Audio: Interview with Recycling Artist Isaac Kibe

Isaac Kibe is an artist from Kitengela Glass outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Over the two weeks of the 2014 SmithsonianRead More


Festival Audio: ‘The Handsome Horse’ by Ih Tsetsn

Crowd favorites Ih Tsetsn often got audiences at Moonrise Pavilion hopping, stomping, and spinning with this upbeat love song, “TheRead More


Festival Audio: ‘Sawasawa’ by Makadem

During the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Makadem, a genuine entertainer, amused audiences with his “Anglo-Ohangla” style, a fusion of traditionalRead More


Groundbreaking Women of the Folklife Festival: ‘That Was Then, This Is Now’

Overheard at the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival: “I’m a digital woman, I told you!” In the intimate, burlap-covered Karibuni Workshops,Read More


A Musical Review: Instruments of the Folklife Festival

With dozens of musicians and dancers from two countries, the Festival boasted a wide variety of musical instruments in itsRead More


Podcast: Producing Ethnicity — The Ethics of Showcasing Culture

Producing Ethnicity: The Ethics of Showcasing a Culture Download MP3 The 2014 Folklife Festival has come to a close, butRead More