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2014 Festival Video - Kenya

Conserving Kenya’s Coast, One Turtle at a Time

Sea turtles worldwide face endangerment due to pollution, poachers, fishing bycatch, beachfront development, and much more. Off the coast ofRead More


Introducing Kenya at the Folklife Festival

The 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival celebrates the Republic of Kenya fifty years after its independence. Preston Scott, curator for Kenya: MamboRead More


Highlights from the 2014 Opening Ceremony

The 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival opened on Wednesday, June 25, with performances by artists from China and Kenya and remarksRead More


Festival Video: 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Welcome to the forty-eighth annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This year we celebrate the cultures of Kenya and China. With overRead More


Music Video: ‘Odongo’ by Winyo

Winyo is one of over forty musicians from Kenya who have joined us at the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. HeRead More


Representing Kenya Through Music

During a private reception honoring the sponsors and participants for the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, two musicians from Kenya, PolycarpRead More


Chepchumba at ‘Divas Night: Homage to Kenyan Women in Music’

Doris Tanui Chepchumba represents Rift Valley roots in contemporary music during the “Divas Night: Homage to Kenyan Women in Music”Read More


A Million Years of Kenyan Stone Carving

Kenyan master stone carver Elkana Ong’esa, Smithsonian paleoanthropologist Rick Potts, and Folklife Festival curator Preston Scott discuss rocks as artRead More


Kenge Kenge: Kenyan Benga Music

Kenge Kenge is a benga band based in Nairobi, Kenya, that draws from traditional Luo roots from western Kenya, usingRead More


Iddi Achieng’ at ‘Divas Night: Homage to Kenyan Women in Music’

Kenyan singer Iddi Achieng’ performed at the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s “Divas Night: Homage to Kenyan Women in Music,” withRead More