Credits and Acknowledgements

China Festival Program Staff

China Festival Program Staff

Curators: James Deutsch, Sojin Kim

Program Coordinator: Jing Li

Program Assistant: Joan Hua

Interns: Tian Chen, Jacob Friedman, Karlie Leung, Mu Qian, Jingliang Wang, Danielle Wu, Cindy Xu, Qiaoyun Zhao

Lead Volunteers: Joselyn Jang, Zakiya Williams

Presenters: Deming An, Xi Chen, Rachel Cooper, Robert Daly, Bingzhong Gao, Levi Gibbs, Longguang Huang, Joanna C. Lee, Jing Li, Jean Miao, Christopher Pei, Helen Rees, Sharon Shahid, Ken Smith, Nick Spitzer, Ling Tang, Sue Tuohy, Jessica Anderson Turner, J. Lawrence Witzleben, Nora Yeh, Eleanor Yung, Qiaoyun Zhang

Advisors and Consultants: Joan Auchter, Rachel Cooper, Robert Daly, James Early, Melanie Fernandez, Yong Han, Bill Ivey, Joanna Lee, Jing Li, Jun Liu, Adriel Luis, Shengde Ma, Jean Miao, Sabrina Motley, Rodrigo Fritz, Daniel Sheehy, Atesh Sonneborn, May Sun, Sue Tuohy, Jingqiang Wang, Sally Van de Water, Lihui Yang, Yuan Yang, Nora Yeh, Juwen Zhang, Zhizong Zhu, Nina Zolt

Flower Plaque Design and Production Team: Danny Yung, Yuewai Wong, Fai Wong, Jacky Chan, Cheuk Cheung, Liu Si

This program is produced by the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage in partnership with the China International Culture Association, working with the China Arts and Entertainment Group. Additional support is provided by the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong SAR; and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture.

Special Thanks—Organizations:

American Folklore Society, Asian American LEAD, Asia Society, BicycleSPACE, Busboys and Poets, China Arts and Entertainment Group, China News Agency, Chinese Ministry of Culture (Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage), Confucius Institute at George Mason University, East Rising Lion Dance, 1882 Foundation, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States, ePals Global Community, Harbourfront Centre, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, John S. Connor Inc., Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, The Koo Foundation, Robert Lu & Partners, Meridian International Center, Metro DC Area Go Clubs,  Poly Culture Group Co. Ltd, Beijing, TerpWushu at University of Maryland, Textile Museum, U.S.-China Center for Education and Culture, U.S. Consulate in Chengdu–Public Affairs Office,  U.S. Embassy in Beijing, U.S. Wushu Academy, Washington Yu Ying School, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Wings Over Washington, Wong People, Xuejuan Dance Ensemble, Zuni Icosahedron.

Special Thanks—Individuals:

Alicia Akins, Robert Baron, Francine Berkowitz, Barbara Birnman, Beatrice Camp, Alexandra Chang, Gejin Chao, Yifei Chen, Mok-Yi Chow, Lucia Sedwick Claster, Bessie Du, Alexia Fawcett, Xuejuan  Feng, Qing Gao, Tom Goehner, Ted Gong, John Goon, Lisa Heller, Hongyi He, Meredith Holmgren, Elisa Hough, Gina Inocencio, Nafisa Isa, Kingsley Jayasekera, Lily Jin, Ruth Kurzbauer, John Kusano, Paul LaMasters, Carrie Lam, Conrad Lau, Stan Lou, Adriel Luis, Michael Lynch, Sonia Mak, Nancy Micklewright, Michael Moennich, Mary Monseur, Konrad Ng, Franklin Odo, Michael Owen, Christopher Pei, Joanna Pecore, Meri Price, Curtis Sandberg, Jennifer Schueler, Elissa Staley, Kevin Sundeen, Lee Talbot, Ling Tang, Tom Vick, John Wang, Sandy Wang, Michael Wilpers, Deborah Wong, F.S.Wong, Steve Wong, Dean Xiang, Zhi Yang, Cedric Yeh, Zhen Zeng.