A Day in the Life of the Smithsonian Inside Out Program in Photos

Each day at the Smithsonian Inside Out program has been varied and interesting. These are just a few photos from some of the many activities on Saturday, July 3.  

Gary Hevel, an entomologist from the National Museum of Natural History, explains some of the eighteen drawers of specimens he brought to the Smithsonian Inside Out program.

Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage curator Jim Deutsch (right) confers with Chris Eagan from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. In the background are part of the eye-catching display depicting views from space.

The giant basket-weaving activity attracts a young Folklife Festival visitor. This was one of the many engaging activities organized for the Family Activities area, which changes daily but is always popular.
Visitor Information and Associates' Reception Center (VIARC) staff answer a visitor''s questions at the Ask the Smithsonian tent.
C-SPAN films in The Commons Discussion Stage for a future broadcast. The Festival draws media attention every year.

Betty J. Belanus
Curator, Smithsonian Inside Out program