Cimarrón Performs “El Guate” (The Foreigner)

Colombia plains ensemble Cimarrón perform “El Guate” (The Foreigner). Cimarrón is known for its daring interplay of harp and bandola, aggressive rhythms, and improvised melodies.

Cimarrón performs one last time at the Festival on the Colombia program’s Al Son Que Me Toquen Stage, today (Sunday July 3rd) at 2:45 p.m.

  • Sandra

    Just listening to this melody , bring so much happinnes and nostalgy of my loved Colombia, we breath music and culture, corre por la venas!! Im so dissapointed I couldn’t make it to the festival :(… I hope to assit to a colombian festival in dc soon!!!!!!!!!!! excellent work Smithsonian festival!! ME QUITO EL SOMBRERO !!