Colombia Recipe #5, Empanadas Antioqueñas

Empanadas ready for frying

Empanadas Antioqueñas

Recipe by María Yolanda Franco García

½ lb beef
2 lbs potatoes
1 red onion
1/2  lb scallions
3 tomatoes
4 garlic cloves
1 red bell pepper
Oil to fry

1 lb yellow hominy corn
1/4  lb corn starch
1 tbsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar

Let corn soak in water for 30 minutes and then cook until the corn is soft. Remove the pot from the heat and let the corn cool. Grind the corn. Add the corn starch, salt, and sugar to the ground corn. Knead the dough until it is soft.

María Yolanda fries the empanadas.

Peel and cook potatoes for 30 minutes or until soft. Let them cool and mash the potatoes. Dice beef and place on skillet with 4 tbsp. of oil to fry. Let cool and then put it through a grinder or food processor.
Finely dice vegetables and mix them with the mashed potatoes and ground meat.

Take a walnut size amount of the dough and flatten to create a circle. Place a 1/2 teaspoon amount of the stuffing onto the dough. Fold the dough over to create a turnover. Firmly press down along the edges. Place on skillet and fry until golden brown.

  • Margarita

    I just wish they were also selling the real delicious food, not what they are selling as “Colombian food” prepared by a mexican restaurant and that has nothing to do with what we eat in Colombia.

  • Sonia

    Margarita, their food seemed to be really good for me and I’m from Medellín. Don’t understand what the complaint is, taste just as good as my abuela’s cooking.

  • Sissy

    How can I find other recipes from the Folklife Festival?

    • Sojin Kim

      Because there are so many cooking demonstrations going on every day, we are only able to post two recipes a day: one from the Colombia program, the other from the Peace Corps program. You can filter all the recipes from the blog by using the “foodways” tab on the left-column navigation.

  • Joe

    How about posting all of the recipes within a week or two after the festival is over?

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