Designing Festival Event Markers

Over the past few months, Folklife Festival senior graphic designer Josue Castilleja met with curatorial teams to conceptually walk through the Festival in order to create “event markers” to lend the Festival its directional and organizational cohesion. “This year’s visuals are fantastic. Each design was created in close collaboration with Festival curators, participants, and program partners,” stated Mr. Castilleja.

“Festival colors and concepts were carefully deliberated upon and chosen. For instance, the Peace Corps design contains a single gold laurel branch and a deep blue design to mirror the Peace Corps’ fiftieth anniversary logo design.”

Hatching design concepts, integrating graphics, fine tuning color intensities, sizing proportions, and designing markers that will stand out in the sun is a process that began in November of last year. “This is really exciting work because it is a truly collaborative effort reflecting the essence of the Rhythm and Blues, Peace Corps, and Colombia programs. I am proud to present our designs on the National Mall to be seen by national and international audiences. I hope they will help our guests feel and remember the spirit of the Festival.”

  • Nancy (Campbell) Freasier

    I went from elementary to high school with Mr. Castilleja. He has always had a amazing talent for any kind of art. We had the best times in art class together. I love what he has done with the logos here. He is a truly blessed with an eye for this. Great job and HI Josue!

  • Josue Castilleja

    Hi Nancy, I remember!!
    Thanks so much for the compliment.
    I hope you and your family are doing well!

    All the best!