Music Research in the Colombian Plains

In 2011, researchers for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival traveled to the Orinoco Plains of Colombia. Their van broke down, leading to a filming opportunity involving Felix Chaparro Rivas, Victor Espinel Sanchez, and Carlos Rojas. Here, Espinel sings trovas, impromptu verses, in the joropo style.

Video produced by Cristina Diaz-Carrera and Mariana Alvarez-Heitzge.

  • Anonymous

    oh, the old van breaking down in the mud lets: play guitar, sing and drink beer song- I know that one 😉

  • Aficionado

    Free-styling a rap en las praderas. Wepa!

  • David French

    Thank you for this song recording – the natural humour of impromptu ‘trovas’ is very clear with the provided translation!