• Ambroise Jhonny Emmnauel

    I love that I just hope God keep on blessing SMITH SONIAN FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL. Mbroise

  • John

    It would be nice to have more pictures of all the programs.

    • http://folk1a.si.edu Sojin Kim

      Many, many, many more photos coming. The ones posted were shot during the first two hours of the Festival. Stay tuned. Thanks for checking out the site and your interest in all of the great programs.

  • Susan

    Yes, it would be nice to have more pictures. I can’t believe you have so many pictures of the marketplace and only one of Colombia’s program–the last picture, and it doesn’t even say what program it belogs too!!!! It seems this photographer is biased. Colombia, the guest of honor, has several, very well prepared exhibits and it deserves better pictures on this website. Hope someone at Folklife festival takes notice!! Thanks!!!