Spotted! Colombian Celebrity Juan Valdez!

Juan Valdez

Spotted: Colombian celebrity Juan Valdez seen at Dulles airport, awaiting the start of the Folklife Festival!

Juan Valdez is a famous fictional character that has been representing Colombian coffee farmers since 1959. The selection of a person who plays the role of Juan Valdez is a long and complex undertaking, and the most recent selection took two years. In 2006, Carlos Castañeda was selected from a total of 406 applicants as the new Colombian symbol. His predecessor, Carlos Sánchez, had spent more than 37 years in the role of Juan Valdez.

  • Jenny

    Bienvenido a DC Juan Valdez!!

  • kiol y sam zermeno

    Huy que bien, ahi estaremos, que viva Colombia! Gracias Smithsonian…

  • Diana Ramirez

    Tambien estará Conchita?

    • Sojin Kim

      Claro! Ya esta!

  • Nanne Wright

    I can’t wait to meet this fella, he will be working with my mule, Sassy! It will be a pleasure to meet him! Welcome, my friend!

    • Sojin Kim

      Hi Nanne! We can’t thank you enough for sharing Sassy with the Festival and all of our visitors.