Behind the Scenes: After the Storm

Photo by Helen Klaebe

The 2012 Folklife Festival closed June 30 due to storm damage. The Smithsonian and Festival teams  worked tirelessly, even as the mercury rose above 100, to ensure that the grounds would be ready for participants and visitors on July 1. People climbed ladders, hauled tree branches, prepared food, cleaned up participant display areas, reinstalled signs, and did supply runs. They cut open new bags of zip ties; laid out damp textiles and signs in the sun to dry; re-set chairs; and hauled garbage. No task was too big or too small.

Click on the thumbnails below to see how hard we worked today.

  • kauser

    proud to be part of it .

  • kauser

    proud on you . the people who worked around the clock . i slaute to them .

  • Ric Trimillos

    Ho’omaika’i! Glad to know everyone got the Festival back up and running, especially this year with a big representation from Hawai’i. I am currently in Manila so will not make it to the Festival this year. Great memories from 1989, 1998, 2000 etc when I was On the Mall with all of you.

    E mālama,


  • Diana Parker

    People working hard together for the common good. You guys are beautiful. And many of these guys are going home to no power, and we are all under water restrictions. Times are tough, but you just kept going and got it done.

    So very proud of you,

  • sherry m

    Thank you Folklife team for taking care of our tent and Aids Quilt Touch interactive tables. We were spared any damage to the Microsoft designed interactive table technology. Please visit us to find your loved one, leave a memory or even add a name.

  • John Bishop

    Great job, awful storm, have a great second week.

  • David Horgan

    nice job folklife team!

    • Smithsonian Folklife Festival

      Thanks, everyone. We appreciate your support, assistance, and words of encouragement. We are looking forward to week 2!

  • Renny Smith

    Thanks, aurelie, Francesco and Heken for the wonderful record of the Festival cleanup–I just got power back and was wondering how the site fared!

    • Smithsonian Folklife Festival

      Glad you got your power back. We’re looking forward to Week 2 of the Festival. Thanks for your messages!

  • Renny Smith

    eek–Aurelie–Helen–Francisco. I hate when that happens.
    Thanks, Jeff for posting these on Facebook

  • Lea Haratani

    This kind of dedicated work is what made our country what it is, a diverse, creative , and productive place. Kudos to all!!! Happy Fourth of July !