• http://www.msuecocar2.com MSU EcoCAR 2 Team

    Our team can’t wait to be there representing Mississippi State’s projects and the EcoCAR 2 competition!

  • http://www.landgrant.ufl.edu/ Ruth Borger

    UF is thrilled to be part of the Festival. Visit our exhibit and learn all about sustainable solutions to our water challenges!

  • James Wade

    Just catching up with this project. Makes me proud of the over 35 years I spent at or representing Land-grant Universities.

  • Lawson

    The St. Clair County Farm Museum is a small volunteer operated institution on the site of the Former County Work/Poor Farm in Goodells, Michigan. We would like to present videos commemorating the Morrill and the Homestead Act at our annual Harvest and Threshing Festival in August. Are any of your presentations available to us? We are a 501c3 non-profit cultural institution.

  • Carolyn Griglione

    I was very disappointed that Iowa State University, the first college to sign the Morrill Act was not featured nor mentioned in the video. Even without a mention we know how wonderful Iowa State University is and how it has continuously promoted the purpose of the Morrill Act within Iowa, the United States and throughout the world.