Emily Hoskins: Paralympic Gold Medalist and University of Illinois Alumna

The University of Illinois is home to the oldest post-secondary disability support program in the world. In this video, Emily Hoskins, an alumna and two-time Paralympic gold medalist in wheelchair basketball, explains how continuing innovations at the university empower individuals with disabilities to be active members of their communities.

Videography by John Wetmore.
Edited by Marinna Guzy.

  • visual support

    i really liked how emily is so positive in the video it sends a great message to all other people in wheelchairs that it is not the end of the world and that there are opportunities for them to do anything they set their mind on. more continued funding for programs like this are needed plus not just funding for the programs but also for marketing as stated in the video she didn’t even realise that wheelchair sports existed for many years but with more marketing it can let people know that these things exist thanks for letting me comment