• Anonymous

    SO POWERFUL! What a beautiful, touching story.
    Thank You.

  • Rod Brown

    Yeah, Gert’s one of my heroines. I’m glad to see someone had the sense to sit her in front of a camera for a little while. I bet it wasn’t easy, because she’s a force of nature, with all her own laws of physics.

    In any case, she’s got stories like no one else I know.

    Hey Gert!

    hugs from Rod and Leonard.

  • Carolyn Wilson

    That brought back some memories … I am still in awe of you. Take care, my friend.

  • Charles Sublett

    Thanks, Gert. I admire your dedication and tenacity and love that I got to work with you for the brief amount of time I was at the Names Project. Somehow you found resources to carry on; I became overwhelmed and couldn’t continue – something it took me years to recognize and forgive myself for. I really appreciate you and send you lots of love!

  • susan brewer

    Oh, Gert. My sweet sweet lady. Their lives became a living hell and ended. Yours just became a living hell. Hearts broke into a million pieces – and by some miracle you gave what tender care you give, and you cherish the memories of your boys more than remember the outrage or fear or anger or pain. Your care and devotion and love are priceless! Thanks from those you loved! Thank you for all you did then and all you do now to look after them.

    Love from me and Stewart & Ian