Honoring Kenny Williams

On May 20, 2012, a community of friends gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, to celebrate the life of Kenny Williams, a dear friend lost to the AIDS pandemic. On that day, they put the finishing touches on a series of quilt panels representing different aspects of Kenny’s life. These panels will be dedicated in D.C. during the Festival and displayed on the National Mall as part of the Creativity and Crisis Festival program.

Camera and interviews by Charles Weber and Sojin Kim.
Editing by Marinna Guzy and Kelsey Michael.

  • Su

    Such an amazing way to honor your friend, and what a gift to the world to see how a group of people can come together in such love and creativity, to turn sadness to such beauty. Thank you!

  • Chauncy Thompson

    I cried, I’m crying. This is a beautiful piece of film representing Kenny Williams and all the Kenny’s and families who don’t have voices to say “I too lost a loved one.” The sadness I feel when all of us are affected by this man made disease. We suffer in silence from shame due to no real fault of our own. I want to thank all of Kenny’s “FAM” family for sharing this piece of him. His legacy still lives within you.

  • Barbara Tucker

    What an awesome way to show your love for Kenny. I’m sure Kenny is looking down on you all thanking God that he had friends and family like you.

  • Kathie Stoddard

    What a loving tribute to what had to be a wonderful man.

  • Johnothan Mcneal

    Great tribute to what had to be a wonderful man. Amazing!

  • Aaron Williams

    God bless this wonderful man.