• http://www.flickr.com/photos/grobinette/sets/72157630321101770/ Gary Robinette

    I got a few shots of him doing this painting but to see it all compressed down to 15 minutes like that was cool. Nice job on the edit and great sound track music.

    • http://folk1a.si.edu Smithsonian Folklife Festival

      Why thank you! We think it’s pretty cool, too. Also–thanks a lot for sharing your photos in our Festival flickr group. You’ve shot some great stuff this year!

  • patrick pope

    absolutely outstanding work! and to get to see a local artist work at his craft at the folklife festival was truly a pleasure.
    best of luck to Mr. Coleman and his “citified” art!!

  • sw

    Great to see the steps you took to make your work– so many small and thoughtful details were used to execute this in a short period of time. Thank you for allowing us/me to see this.

  • Zaccai Free

    Jay is one of the greats among many standouts in the DC art scene. Thanks SI for providing him with such an awesome platform and a challenging assignment!

  • Des

    That’s my art teacher! :)