Matthew Ramir, University of Illinois

Matthew Ramir, a student at the University of Illinois, reads two poems that he wrote about living with cerebral palsy. The second was written as a response to a negative comment he received about the first poem. The session was moderated by Dr. Carrie Sundahl, the program director on Disability Art, Culture, and Humanities at the University of Illinois.

Videography by Kelsey Michael. Edited by Marianne Hill.

  • Uncle Andrew

    I have heard it before but every time I do I understand so much more. Good stuff Matt!

    • Smithsonian Folklife Festival

      We agree. Good stuff, indeed. We continue to learn and gain new insights every day from the Festival participants. Thanks, Matt!

  • Mark Miller

    I only wish I could have seen this in person, but count myself lucky to have heard your spoken words on this video blog. Mr. Ramir, first your determination and strength provide inspiration for all of us. Second, your respect and decorum in addressing your critic showed true control and grace. Lastly, you’re darn right there are too many people (myself included at times) who sit and criticize others, while you stand up and tell your story to the world. Bravo Sir! You set a wonderful example for the rest of the human race!