• Anonymous

    Amazing people, incredible video. Inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    I love this video!

  • ant dogz

    Great people . Coco was doing artwork in the Bronx for the local kids back in the early 1990’s (myself included) airbrshing clothes and posters. Always been charitable and talented.

  • Jene’

    This was great!!!!!Coco is a genius and wifey is hilarious, but don’t get it twisted she does keep the shop and customers in line. I have gotten 5 just this year. I luve his visions and they make you feel comfortable to want to come back and recommend others. I’ll be back soon. They deserved this!!!!

  • William L. R. Cruz

    Charles “coco” you have been a big inspiration to many people but to you were always more than just that, you were ,are and always will be a true friend! May God continue to bless you and Mrs. Yvonne , so you can continue to bless others.