Through a Curator’s Lens: Campus and Community

The 1890 Consortium finally gets its full compliment of vinyl banners and posters to help explain their Reinventing Agriculture display. The first set of posters was damaged in the Big Storm of June 29. Our Festival design team, who are on stand-by during the event to make signs that we had not anticipated needing, rose to the occasion to get new copies printed pronto.

While curators are extremely busy during the Festival, they do often carry their cameras with them and remember to take photos now and then.  Here are a half dozen photos that I shot of the Campus and Community program, ranging from pre-Festival set-up to Friday, July 6.  It has been an amazing journey for us all – staff, interns, volunteers, participants and visitors alike.  Thanks to everyone who made it so great!

Click on images to enlarge and view captions. All photos by Betty Belanus