Folk Dances of Hungary: Hungarian Choreographer Dezső Fitos and His Virtuosic Dance Troupe

The folk dances of Hungary are important expressions of national identity. Hungarian choreographer Dezső Fitos assembled a troupe of the most virtuosic dancers in the country to appear at the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Filmed by: Sara Legg, Kylie Shryock, and Andrea Curran
Edited by: Jillian Reagan

  • nati

    I was smiling the whole time throughout their performance, they are fantastic!

  • Daniel Demetzky

    These guys are great!

  • Rita Chokan

    The performance was fantastic.

  • Emily Oleson

    WONDERFUL!!!! These guys are truly virtuosic! I will keep an eye out for them from now on!!!

    Side note: Dear videographers: please do not attempt close-ups during amazing dance solos or moments of powerful group unison. It can be frustrating to watch. Also, when someone is doing percussive footwork please do not crop their feet out of the frame. I respectfully request this knowing that live performance videography is VERY difficult, and thank you for your lovely work! What a treat to have watched this video overall!!!