Singing Tradition: Welsh Plygain Carol

We are looking forward to welcoming several Welsh artists as part of the upcoming One World Many Languages: Endangered Languages and Cultural Heritage Festival program this summer. These will include poets, musicians, and a language teacher.

As we prepare for the 2013 program, which opens in a month and a half, we fondly remember the wonderful artists who inspired us in the 2009 Wales Smithsonian Cymru program. In this video, which includes an interview by curator Betty Belanus and which was produced by Charles Weber, Arfon Gwilym, Robin Huw Bowen, and Sioned Webb sing a traditional plygain carol in Welsh.  Learn more about this tradition.

  • Jeanne Jones Jindra

    Really enjoyed the beautiful songs and look forward to the addition of a bit of Welsh to the Smithsonian Festival again!

  • Mohammadreza Davoudi

    Hello. We are a national traditional band from Iran and we eagerly intend to take part and have a performance in the international folklore music festivals.
    I will appreciate it if you inform me about your festival in details .
    Many thanks

    • Smithsonian Folklife Festival

      Thank you for your interest in the Festival. Inquiries can be directed to

  • David pitts

    It made an 84 year old cry.