Txiki-Txoko: The Family Activities Tent

The 2016 Folklife Festival is full of family-friendly activities, but if you have kids with you the best place to start is at the Txiki-Txoko (pronounced “CHEE-kee CHO-ko) Kids’ Corner. Literally translated, txoko in the Basque language Euskara means “corners.” However, the word is used in … Continue reading Txiki-Txoko: The Family Activities Tent

Out of the Shadows:
Immigrant Stories through Puppetry

Shadow puppetry, like many ancient performance arts, is traditionally used to tell folk stories, literary tales, or religious epics. In contrast, the Wit’s End Puppet’s shadow puppet play Saudade follows three fictional immigrant characters through a day in Washington, D.C.—with every moment in the play … Continue reading Out of the Shadows:
Immigrant Stories through Puppetry

Sharing California’s Cultural Treasures

Last month, the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage hosted the symposium Cultural Sustainability in the Age of Globalization along with the Alliance for California Traditional Arts and the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan. The event featured community activists, folklorists, scholars, and traditional arts … Continue reading Sharing California’s Cultural Treasures

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