Marinera Dance with Peruvian Paso Horses

One of the origin theories behind Marinera dance is the story of a soldier who, when riding through a village in coastal Peru, noticed a beautiful young woman. The soldier’s flirtation with her from astride his horse is reflected in the Marinera with Peruvian Paso horses. Known for their delicate and … Continue reading Marinera Dance with Peruvian Paso Horses

Dancing with Scissors: La Danza de las Tijeras

During the first Festival Community Day at the 2015 Festival, Peruvian dancer Steve Cotaquispe, who was born in Ayacucho, came from New York to present the danza de las tijeras—the scissors dance. Traditionally, two to four dancers perform, keeping rhythm with two piece of metal in the shape of scissors and … Continue reading Dancing with Scissors: La Danza de las Tijeras

Video: Opening Ceremony Highlights

The Opening Ceremony for the 2015 Folklife Festival was held on June 24 in the National Museum of the American Indian’s Rasmuson Theater. The event featured a few of the visiting performance groups representing the Perú: Pachamama program, plus speakers from the Smithsonian, the National Park Service, American and Peruvian embassies, and … Continue reading Video: Opening Ceremony Highlights