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Chanchona Los Hermanos Lovo

A Northern Virginia spin-off of an award-winning group in their home country of El Salvador, Los Hermanos Lovo perform danceable cumbias and rancheras at family events and restaurants in the area. The seven-piece ensemble—with its two violins, two guitars, percussion, and bass—takes its name from its large bass, which resembles a chanchona, or sow.

  • Trinidad Lovo, leader, violin
  • Yonatan Fuentes Lovo, drums
  • José Alfredo Fuentes Ventura, congas
  • Édgar Lovo, vihuela
  • Cristino Membreño Lovo, violin
  • Eliseo Membreño Lovo, guitar
  • Osmín Lovo, string bass

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Los Hermanos Lovo: a Salvadoran Chanchona group from Leesburg, Virginia.