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Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Las Americas

Grupo Cuero, Madera y Costa CUMACO

Grupo Cuero, Madera y Costa CUMACO performs traditional Afro-Venezuelan music, focusing on the coastal region of Aragua. Its name (CUero, MAdera y COsta) is an acronym that refers to cumaco, the long, heavy log drum traditional to the region. The group has been featured on numerous television, radio, and film programs, and has toured internationally.

  • José Uribe, director, percussion
  • Luís Aponte, vocals, percussion
  • Carmen Camacho, vocals, dance
  • Carlos Celis, percussion
  • Roger Hernández, percussion
  • Francisco Lujano, cuatro, vocals
  • Juan Pantoja, vocals
  • Isidro Salazar, percussion
  • Atalia Uribe de Román, vocals, dance
  • Elsie Yosmeli Rivas, vocals, dance
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