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Las Americas

Los Camperos de Valles

Los Camperos de Valles is a trio of Mexico's finest musicians in the son huasteco style from the northeastern Mexican cattle-herding region known as La Huasteca. Their sound is marked by hard-edged, improvised violin playing, driving guitar rhythms, and high-pitched singing with falsetto breaks. Dance forms an integral part of the son huasteco. Renowned lyricist and dancer Artemio Posadas, accompanied by Dolores García, performs with the trio.

  • Marcos Hernández Rosales, leader, guitarra huapanguera
  • Dolores García, dancer
  • Artemio Posadas, dancer, lyricist
  • Camilo Ramírez Hernández, violin
  • Gregorio "Goyo" Solano Medrano, jarana
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01: Artemio Posadas demonstrates son huasteco dance and performs it with Los Camperos de Valles at the 2005 Festival.
02: Los Camperos de Valles demonstrate the instrumental and vocal techniques of son huasteco.
03: Los Camperos perform "El gusto."

El ave de mi soñar:
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