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Viento de Agua

Viento de Agua, now established in Puerto Rico, was founded in New York City by Tito Matos. It is a collective of the finest practitioners of plena and bomba musical traditions who perform "unplugged"—or with acoustic instruments only. The group's aim is to reassert and uplift these Afro-Puerto Rican vocal and drum traditions, which are popular both in Puerto Rico and in the large Puerto Rican communities in the United States.

  • Héctor "Tito" Matos, director, lead vocals, pandereta-requinto, tumbandero, barril de bomba-buleador, minor percussion, dancer
  • Guillermo Cubero, small percussion, pandereta-seguidor, vocals
  • Luis Figueroa, vocals, pandereta-requinto, minor percussion
  • Juan E. Martínez, güiro, minor percussion, pandereta
  • Joksan Ramos, pandereta-seguidor, minor percussion, barril de bomba-buleador
  • Erik Rosado, vocals, barril de bomba-subidor, small percussion, pandereta-punteador
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01: Viento de Agua performs a bomba with dancing and drums at the 2004 Festival.
02: Los Pleneros de la 21 demonstrate the different drums used in the plena.
03: Tito Matos talks about who the music serves.