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Mariachi Chula Vista

In 2001, Mark Fogelquist founded the mariachi program at Chula Vista High School in San Diego, California. In learning to play traditional Mexican mariachi music, Fogelquist's students have developed a sense of self, heritage, and pride. Now one of the best student mariachi groups in the country, the Chula Vista Mariachi performs more than one hundred shows a year.

  • Mark Fogelquist, director, violin
  • Guillermo Angulo, violin
  • Mariana Arámbula, vihuela
  • Perry Chacón, guitarrón
  • Diamante Cintrón, vihuela
  • Jilanie Desert, violin
  • Karla Díaz, violin
  • Joseph Durant, guitarrón
  • Mónica Fogelquist, violin
  • Max Guerrero, guitar
  • Nancy Jiménez, violin
  • Jillan Kardell, violin
  • Ricardo Munguía, trumpet
  • Iván Peña, harp
  • Eduardo Ruíz, trumpet
  • Corina Vargas, violin
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Viva el Mariachi: Workshop and Concert.