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Aires del Campo

string music group, Girardota

Aires del Campo is a traditional string music ensemble from the Coffee Triangle. They excel at bandola and tiple, instruments traditional to the area. The members of the group are cousins and learned to play from their fathers, uncles, and grandfather. The group plays Andean music along with party tunes of the Paisa culture.

"When my father was muledriver / He wore a cardboard hat / And since he no longer has it / His head roasts in the sun."

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Aires del Campo


  • Manuel José Cadavid Cataño, director, musician (tiple)
  • óscar de Jesús Cadavid Cataño, musician (first bandola)
  • Jorge Enrique Cadavid García, musician (guacharaca)
  • Elkin de Jesús Meneses Rojo, musician (second bandola)
  • Fernán de Jesús Rojo Meneses, musician (guitar)

Aires del Campo

Elkin de Jesús Meneses Rojas and Oscar de Jesús Cadavid Cataño play with Grupo Cabrestero member Felix Chaparro Rivas in the tienda of the Coffee Triangle, La Fonda Paisa.
Photo by JB Weilapp, Smithsonian Institution