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Chirimía La Contundencia

chirimía music group, Quibdó

La Contundencia is an ensemble that plays chirimía, a traditional genre of the northern Pacific region played by small brass bands. This genre features European-derived tunes and can be heard during carnival or patron-saint festivities. La Contundencia was part of the wave of musicians that added piano, bass, guitar, conga, and bongo to create a more orchestral style. So while they perform chirimía in its natural, improvised manner, they also emphasize instrumental variety. Today they are considered the most iconic band interpreting traditional Pacifico music.

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Chirimía La Contundencia


  • Leonidas Valencia Valencia, director, musician (saxhorn)
  • Rick Lludson Montealegre Rodríguez, musician (snare drum)
  • Tomás Domingo Moreno Córdoba, musician (clarinet)
  • Abdo Abel Murillo Mosquera, musician (tambora)
  • Leonidas Valencia Peña, musician (cymbals)

Chirimía La Contundencia

Zully Murillo de Caicedo and Chirimía La Contundencia music group move the crowd at the Al son que me toquen stage. Photo by Amy Vaughters, Smithsonian Institution