Participant Portfolios / Southeastern Plains

Hermes Romero Vidal

hammock maker, leather craftsman, Paz de Ariporo

Hermes Romero Vidal makes his livelihood creating and selling traditional leather crafts, particularly the hammock that he learned to make while working in the ranches. He participates in fairs nationally and internationally, selling his products to customers in Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States.

"One lives on the land, on the ranch, or with the herd. Wherever one lives, one must learn to equip oneself, to make one's own gear."

Hermes Romero Vidal

Hermes Romero Vidal. Photo courtesy of Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C.

Hermes Romero Vidal

Hermes Romero Vidal talks about hammock making in the Southeastern Plains while Maria Angelica Rodriguez Ibañez translates. Photo by Dan Payn, Smithsonian Institution