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Jhon Jairo Amortegui Piña

yipero (jeep driver and loader), Calarcá

Jhon Jairo “Guama” Amortegui is one of the most recognized yiperos of the Coffee Triangle. He drives the Willys Jeep model 54 and is well known for his tricks in competitions. He learned his tricks and how to drive from his father, and he has devoted his life to transporting coffee, bananas, households, and even people in his jeep.

"The jeep is in your blood, just as much as your family. You learn to love your Willys jeep like you love your own brother."

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Jhon Jairo Amortegui Piña
Jhon Jairo Amortegui Piña

Jhon Jairo Amortegui Piña demonstrates a yipao home moving in the center plot on the National Mall.
Photo by Cristina Díaz-Carrera, Smithsonian Institution