Participant Portfolios / Momposino Depression

Mery Margoth Gándara de Barrera

cook, Mompox

Doña Mery is a culinary expert. She owns the restaurant El Comedor Costeño on the banks of the Magdalena River in Mompox. She offers a variety of dishes, such as mote de queso (a cheese and vegetable soup) and la viuda de pescado (a river fish), accompanied by arroz con coco (coconut rice), which are all traditional to the Momposino Depression and to the Caribbean coast in general.

Mery Margoth Gándara de Barrera

Mery Margoth Gandara de Barrera prepares Viuda de Bocachico, stewed fish, on the Sabores y Saberes stage.
Photo by Joe Furgal, Smithsonian Institution