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Kids Corps Introduction

For the past fifty years, the Peace Corps has been making a difference in children’s lives in 139 countries around the world. The Kids Corps tent is your first stop on a mission to learn about the Peace Corps and its goals. Pick up a free Kids Corps Passport activity booklet and start the adventure! Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (or RPCVs) are here to help teach you some things you will need to know when living in a new country, such as speaking the language, learning how to behave, finding ways to help the community, and of course making friends. Be sure to get your passport stamped at one of the stamping stations for every activity you complete. Once you have collected five stamps, return to the Kids Corps tent to receive your reward. Good luck! Bonne chance! ¡Buena suerte! Kila la kheri!

Explore fun information and activities related to the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, just for kids! Visit the Kids Corps Training Center to find out where in the world you will be assigned next. After completing the online training, you will receive a certificate of achievement.

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