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The New Vernacular of Arts and Information Technology

Indiana University (IU) has long been a leading center for the study of worldwide vernacular arts, simultaneously bringing global cultural traditions to Indiana and Indiana’s rich artistic and cultural traditions to the world. IU is also a leader in emerging technologies and in developing ways to use those technologies in creative activity, research, and scholarship.

Taking advantage of its expertise in artistic traditions and emerging technologies, IU’s “New Vernacular” exhibit highlighted traditional instrument builders and quilters, IT-enabled interactive art installations, multimedia opera, digital archives, and GlobalNOC WorldView, an interactive, 3-D network visualization system that allowed visitors to interact with information about the world we inhabit. The exhibit spanned the globe and reached across time to demonstrate the interconnections of traditional and emerging arts and technologies in the twenty-first century.

While visiting the IU tent, people met Indiana folk artists, and explored folk arts and cultures from a variety of peoples and nations around the world. They also browsed the digital archives to learn about Hoosiers in the armed forces, the music of Hoagy Carmichael and writings of Frederick Douglass, or the network of scientists across the globe. Explore your world through Indiana University.

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