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Food Concessions

Hungarian Heritage
Budapest Bistro

This concession features a variety of Hungarian specialties that one might find in a roadside inn anywhere throughout the Carpathian Basin. It showcases Hungarian foodways as a distinctive culinary tradition that is linked in multiple ways to surrounding regions and that connects Hungary to Jewish, Roma, Slavic, and Balkan cultures in central and eastern Europe.

1. Sólet Kacsacombbal
Cholent Stew with Duck Leg

This quintessential Central European Jewish dish consists of crispy duck, scented with rosemary and thyme, and served over white beans and barley and with a roll.

2. Paprikás Csirke
Chicken Paprika

This popular Sunday dish of rural Hungary is well known in any Hungarian community around the world. It consists of boneless chicken in a sauce made of sour cream and paprika, served over pasta and with a roll.

3. Bogrács Gulyás
Beef Goulash

This filling stew-like soup, named after the herdsmen of the Great Plains in Hungary, consists of beef cubes slowly simmered with paprika and garden vegetables. This dish is served with a roll.

4. Shashlik with Lecsó
Chicken Kabob

Grilled chicken kabob served over lecsó (also known as lecsau), a sauce of tomatoes and peppers.

5. Shopska Salad

Popularized by the small community of Bulgarian immigrants to Hungary in the late nineteenth century, this is a crisp salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, and feta cheese, tossed in a light lemon dressing.

6. Kolbász
Hungarian Sausage

This grilled handmade pork sausage, with a touch of caraway, is served in a roll with horseradish and mustard.

7. Almás Rétes
Apple Strudel

with Vanilla Ice Cream

A classic dessert made of apples in a crisp pastry


Nimród Kovács "Bull's Blood of Eger"—Red (5 oz)


Szöke Mátyás Irsai Olivér—White (5 oz)


Fröccs—Wine Spritzer (12 oz)



Pilsner Urquell (12 oz)


Czechvar Lager (16 oz)


Czechvar Dark (16 oz)



Sodas (20 oz)


Bottled Water (20 oz)


Budapest Bistro

Sólet Kacsacombbal / Cholent Stew with Duck Leg

Budapest Bistro

Paprikás Csirke / Chicken Paprika

Budapest Bistro

Bogrács Gulyás/ Beef Goulash

Budapest Bistro

Shashlik with Lecsó / Chicken Kabob

Budapest Bistro

Shopska Salad

Budapest Bistro

Kolbász / Hungarian Sausage

Budapest Bistro

Almás Rétes / Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream
Photos by Zaki Ghul