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Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Food Concessions

One World, Many Voices
A Taste of the Americas

1. Indian Taco

Indian tacos are popular at powwows, fairs, festivals, and tribal gatherings, and a central part of home cooked meals—especially among tribes in the southwestern United States. They consist of fry bread topped with buffalo chili, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and green chilies.

Vegetarian Indian Taco

Fry bread with grilled spring vegetables and aji pepper sauce.

2. Chicken Mole Taco Meal

Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce typically made for meat and from a mixture of ingredients that varies from region to region. According to legend, it was created in the late seventeenth century by a nun in the city of Puebla to honor the archbishop for building a nearby convent. The dish offered at the Festival consists of shredded chicken in fresh mole verde sauce and served with tortilla chips and fire-roasted vegetable salsa.

3. Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo Burgers w/Cheese

Both served with lettuce, tomato, and green chilies

4. Wild Rice & Watercress Salad

This salad is made with Red Lake Nation wild rice, which is grown and harvested by a company owned by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians in northern Minnesota. It is mixed with dried cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts in an apple cider vinaigrette.

5. Fry Bread


Indio Beer (12 oz)


Sodas (20 oz)


Water (20 oz)


A Taste of the Americas

Indian Taco

A Taste of the Americas

Chicken Mole Taco Meal

A Taste of the Americas

Buffalo Burgers

A Taste of the Americas

Wild Rice & Watercress Salad
Photos by Zaki Ghul