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Food Concessions

American Soul Food

1. Succulent Barbequed Chicken Platter

Barbequed chicken and sides have been eaten on Sundays after church or prior to Vespers services in African American communities for generations. These meals have traditionally been times for storytelling and sharing the news of the day.

2. Golden Fried Fish Platter

Fried fish is a staple of soul food menus in African American communities in the South. During the great migrations from the South to northern cities, African Americans brought their recipes to their new urban neighborhoods.

3. BBQ Chicken Sandwich

This tasty variation on barbequed chicken is served in many soul food restaurants.

4. Golden Fried Fish Sandwich

A tasty variation on fried fish served at community picnics and family get-togethers.

5. Southern Style Peach Cobbler

Originally from China, peaches have been grown in small orchards in the South since at least the eighteenth century. Baked into a deep-dish cobbler, the peaches become a sweet dessert popular at community events.


Abita Beer

Abita Beer is brewed outside New Orleans and is rooted in the culture of its community.

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist


Bottled Water


Participants in the Food Culture USA program at the 2005 Festival. Photo by Joe Furgal.