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Nihao! Welcome to the China Program

Nihao! (Hello!) I am Jing Li, the program coordinator for China: Tradition and the Art of Living, which will beRead More

April 14, 2014   No Comments

Significance of Sakura: Cherry Blossom Traditions in Japan

Spring has arrived! The cherry trees are starting to bloom again around the National Mall and Potomac Park in Washington,Read More

April 9, 2014   No Comments

Reimagining Mongolian Music in China

Beijing, once capital of the Mongol-ruled Yuan Dynasty in the thirteen and fourteenth centuries, has become a center of MongolianRead More

April 7, 2014   No Comments

Reflections on Life and Legacy for Qing Ming Festival

My father insists that we are not Chinese. He left Hong Kong as a young man, with a little moneyRead More

April 4, 2014   No Comments

Introducing the Junior Folklorist Challenge

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an ethnobotanist. I wanted to go to the Amazon, talk toRead More

April 2, 2014   No Comments

Cultural Sustainability and Traditional Crafts in Bhutan

In the mountains of central Bhutan, a small group of craftspeople are struggling to sustain traditional practices that are disappearingRead More

March 28, 2014   No Comments

Traditional Craft vs. Academia: Living the Folklife

I was inching toward the end of graduate school when I started work as the supply coordinator for the 2009Read More

March 26, 2014   No Comments

Celebrating Spring, the Seasons, and the Sun in China

春分日 仲春初四日,春色正中分。绿野徘徊月,晴天断续云。 燕飞犹个个,花落已纷纷。思妇高楼晚,歌声不可闻。 Spring Equinox Mid-spring on the fourth, spring hues mark balance. In green fields stroll moon, blue skyRead More

March 21, 2014   No Comments

A Sailboat’s Journey from Kenya to the Smithsonian

Beyond the vast skies over the Kenyan island of Lamu off the shores of East Africa, a beautiful reddish-yellow sunsetRead More

March 20, 2014   No Comments

The Spirit of Okinawa in Traditional Music

Okinawa Island’s subtropical location in the East China Sea is its greatest asset and greatest downfall. Midway between mainland JapanRead More

March 9, 2014   No Comments