Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Agustín Lira & Alma: “Los Zapatistas”

Agustín Lira & Alma chronicle the experiences and hidden histories of Chicano, Indigenous, and immigrant communities integral to California’s cultural fabric. At the 2015 Folklife Festival’s Ralph Rinzler Memorial Concert, the Fresno native played along with Patricia Wells Solórzano and Russell Rodriguez, program manager for the Alliance … Continue reading Agustín Lira & Alma: “Los Zapatistas”

Building Bridges: A Festival Reflection from Julie Freundt

Editor’s note: Julie Freundt was a participant in Perú: Pachamama, as the lead singer for the music and dance ensemble Marinera Viva!!! After seeing the 2015 Folklife Festival video “Crossing,” she sent us these song lyrics and reflection about her experience. For two weeks this … Continue reading Building Bridges: A Festival Reflection from Julie Freundt

The Q’eswachaka from Cusco to D.C.

Wherever you stood on the Folklife Festival grounds, the Q’eswachaka Bridge was always noticeable, drawing diverse crowds and intrigue. Across the span of two weeks, participants and visitors saw the Huinchiri women and men prepare and braid the q’oya fibers, lead ceremonies, and build the suspension rope bridge by hand, … Continue reading The Q’eswachaka from Cusco to D.C.

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