Cimarrón Performance at Festival

Cimarrón, of the llanos plains region of Colombia, are masters of the joropo llanero genre. Here, these Grammy-nominated musicians perform “Joropo quitapesares” (arr. Carlos Rojas) at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival for the second time since the 2009 Las Amerícas program. The group’s new album ¡Cimarrón! Joropo Music from the Plains of Colombia is available from Smithsonian Folkways

Video shot by Andrea Curran and Michael Headley, edited by Michael Headley.

  • T.I. Villamarín

    ¡Qué orgullo se siente de haber nacido en Colombia, donde se han producido tan buenos artistas que ahora tenemos el orgullo de apreciar aquí en EEUU!
    No todo es la ‘mala fama’….

  • Lourdes

    huyyy MUCHO Berraco ese chino pa’El Cuatro y Bandola uff y esa Arpa ni se diga!!! que Rico es mi Colombia! que VIVAN los LLanos!

  • john schreiber

    wonderful, spirited playing.

  • Ray

    Fantastic! Great Musicians!

  • Kathleen Daintith

    Wonderful energy! I love the combination of the various instruments.

  • Bo Carneal

    Loved the video. The sychronized rhythm was exceptional and the individual solos were mind blowing. I wanted to get to this festival so bad but could not make it, they can lay down a serious groove!

    • Sojin Kim

      We agree! Cimarrón is fantastic! We’re sorry you couldn’t make it out to the Festival, but glad to be able to provide you with a few glimpses into the great performances and discussions that occurred over the ten days. Keep checking back to the Web site for more recaps, videos, and audio streams. And check out the Cimarrón’s latest album on Smithsonian Folkways.