Yipao Festival in Colombia

Our friend Carlos Alberto Beltrán R. won’t be coming to the Festival, but his tradition will. He sent us this video that he produced so that we can all appreciate the skills and amazing tricks that Colombian yiperos (jeep drivers) perform in competitions. Carlos is a Yipao festival promoter in Colombia.

At the Festival, there will be daily yipao demonstrations by Jhon Jairo “Guama” Amortegui, one of the most recognized yiperos of Colombia’s Coffee Region.

  • Al Borkes

    Unique, beautiful and festive. Viva Colombia!

  • http://www.hoteleriayturismo.blogspot.com IVAN RESTREPO R

    This shows us that simple things, if given the appropriate treatment can become great ones
    Felicitaciones Carlos Alberto

  • http://www.lahistoriaconmapas.com Jose Francisco

    Great Festival.

    Un saludo.