Texas A&M Water Filter Project

Many rural communities in Texas, the Caribbean, and South America lack access to safe drinking water. The Texas A&M University Water Project addresses this problem by bringing students into the field to teach communities how to make ceramic point-of-use water filters.

Videography by Marinna Guzy and Kelsey Michael.
Editing by Kelsey Michael.

  • Colombia

    In Colombia, this is a big problem specially in small towns far from the big cities, there are places near the ocean where the only pure water is bottled water! hope that this program reach Colombia and Ecuador …

  • Saving Water

    Not only in the places which you have mentioned, water scarcity problem can be seen worldwide, especially in the developing countries. The main reason behind is lack of awareness of people regarding the importance of water in our lives. First all of us should understand the importance of water, then take some suitable action for making this problem to get solved. Avoid water wastage and save it as much as you can.